Are you guilty of BAO: “Being American abroad”?

Here’s a fun a little list from the folks a called “10 Ways To Spot An American Aboard.”

I plead guilty to No. 9. And I’m not even ashamed of enjoying beer wherever I go. The Wife accuses me of No. 3, but I’m not trying to be rude by attempting to speak your language, even if it means I adopt a weird accent. I’m trying to be respectful. Oh well. 🙂

As for the others:

McDonald’s: Yes, please stop. One of the great joys of traveling is enjoying new cuisines. Expand your horizons. All of them.

Applauding: Always a head-scratcher. Yes, I’m happy, too, that the pilot landed the lane safely. But that’s her job.

Fanny packs: You won’t see me strutting down the catwalks of New York City, but you also won’t see me sporing a fanny pack. Lots of other ways to carry your essentials, folks.

Not knowing the customs: This one gives me the red ass. Part of traveling is getting out of your comfort zone. It’s impossible to know all customs where you are going, but you should be open to understanding, and accepting of, that the country you are going to isn’t America. Learn what you can, try to be respectful, and open your mind. You might find that America isn’t the best in everything.


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