Scott Long got his love of travel from his parents, who thought it important for their children to see the country (every kid should be so lucky to have parents who believe in this!). The “Griswolds of Gahanna, Ohio” loaded up the Winnebago or station wagon and visited more than 30 states before Scott was out of elementary school.

The travel bug was born.

After graduating with bachelor’s degree in political journalism from Marietta College in Ohio in 1994, Scott embarked on a 14-year career in newspaper journalism, where he met his wife, Laura. While their co-workers used vacation days to get chores done around the house, Scott and Laura methodically planned vacation days, personal leave time and holidays to see as much of the world as they could. (You only live once, right?)

In 2008, Scott and a friend, Christopher Cosenza, started their own company, Ante Up Poker Media LLC, which publishes a national poker magazine, produces the longest continually running poker podcast, host four or more Ante Up Poker Cruises a year and promote a half dozen or more Ante Up Poker Tour events at casinos nationwide.

A relentless schedule of travel came with the new endeavor, and it wasn’t long before Scott knew he’d burn out from it all if he wasn’t able to work a little fun in with that business travel.

These days, he looks to add or day or two at the beginning or end or both of all trips, to see the local sites, go to hair metal concerts, attend sporting events or tour wacky museums. He recently completed a quest to see a game in every Major League Baseball stadium, and is just one stop away from visiting every official Presidential Library and Museum.

From all of that, he’s developed a traveler’s eye from the business and pleasure side. But he’ll tell you that his business IS pleasure (do you hate him yet?).

Oh yeah … we should probably mention that he’s a cheapskate.

Well, he’ll tell you that he’s just “value-oriented,” but that probably still means “cheapskate” to you. Even though he rabidly seeks out the best deals for his traveling, he’s not afraid to spend the money for a direct flight, four-star hotel or fancy meal … as long as he thinks it’s worth it (it usually isn’t). Because he’s a cheapskate, er, “value-oriented traveler,” he’s not as picky about his airlines, hotels, rental cars, meals or fun as most people are.

He has “brand preference,” but isn’t necessarily “brand loyal.” He’ll start his travel planning with brands he knows and likes, but if he can find a better value somewhere else, he takes it.

And finally, he loves to hear from you. Share your comments or questions on this blog,  email him at longscott@yahoo.com or send him a message on Twitter at @scottlongtravel.

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