Boston on a weekend? Try Hotwire


My one beef with Boston is how expensive it is. I think it’s even more expensive than New York City. It’s darn near impossible to find a hotel for less than $150. But we got a cheap flight to Iceland from Boston, and we didn’t want to chance a connection, so we came in a night before knowing that we had one of the nation’s most historic cities to keep us busy before our flight.

Laura is a mad genius on Hotwire, and she’s a great reminder that when visiting big cities on weekends, Hotwire or other opaque booking sites are often your best bet. Why? Because hotels than cater to business travelers are empty on weekends, and most dump their inventory at a discount on those sites. For this visit, we landed The Godfrey for a steal. Just a few blocks from Boston Common, it was a terrific base camp for all we wanted to do, close to the subway station and, heck, they even had a Rubik’s Cube in our room for us.


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